August Projects

Shetland Fleece

Clipping (shearing) time on the croft is coming to an end now and the sheds are slowly emptying as the wool gets sold in batches to the local yarn producers in Shetland.

This has been the first year that we have sold individual fleeces to spinners and dyers, and we have learned so much in the process. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has enquired and ordered this year, it's so nice to have the support for the family croft here in Shetland.

The trends in colours people have been looking for and the locations we have sent to has been brilliant to see, we are really looking forward to the feedback and have also decided to offer this again next year!

I have created a mailing list for anyone who would like to be notified when orders are open for next years fleece, sign up here to get your name on the list.


Shetland Fleece Interest

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A Favourite Project This Month

I love when people care about colour as much as I do so this was a really interesting one for me. I have a new client who I am working with to make a Shetland jumper to complete an outfit. They could give me a brief on what they'd like then I went out and found them as many options as I could, created these sample squares and posted them to see which would be best.

I even took this picture to Instagram to see which would be an overall favourite and the results were so mixed, no single shade came out on top.

If you know me, you know that browns are not normally my favourite, but this project might have opened my mind a little... let's see if they start to appear more in my work...

Online Classes

The online classes this month have been so much fun! We had our first couple of reunion sessions with students who had done the "Let's Swatch" classes, it was so nice to get back together and discuss what we've been working on since the class and which of the techniques have been most useful.

I also did another run of the top 3 classes: Let's Swatch, Design a Crown and All About Mitts. These have been popular all spring/summer. I plan to run these again later in September so make sure you go to to sign up to be notified about those.

The Traditional Shetland Knitting Belt

More people are becoming interested in the knitting belt and I love sharing about this tool. For more information you can watch my mini tutorial on how its used here:

I also noticed that Jamiesons of Shetland currently have them in stock, take a look here:

icloud sketchbook


Shop Update

The Amazing Benefits of Wool range on my website has had an update!

You can now see which products are in stock and which are still on pre-order. Order products in stock and they will be shipped within 2-3 working days!

Enjoying the Summer

On my way back from a walk the Shetland ponies lined up with the view and I knew this was a picture to share with all my friends who are not able to make it to Shetland this year, we look forward to having you back soon!

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