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Let's Swatch

Monday 25th May 7pm BST

A fun online design workshop all about how to work with the colours you already have at home and how to try them out without wasting yarn!

£35 per person including a great PDF with all the info and techniques for you to keep and look back on.

Spaces are limited so make sure you claim your place.

This class is expected to last 2 hours

If you have any questions send me an email:

Design A Crown

Tuesday 26th May 7pm BST

An online design workshop on designing a traditional crown for a skull kep.

We will be discussing the motif, placement, charting, placing colours and much more. This class has been taught in person at yarn festivals and was enjoyed by participants, I have had a few requests to cover this with my online classes as well.

£35 per person including a PDF for you to look back on. Spaces are limited so make sure you claim your place.

This class is expected to last: 1.5 hours

If you have any questions send me an email:

New: All  About Mitts

Thursday 28th May 7pm BST

An online workshop on creating the perfect pair of mitts, from design aspects to filling in any gaps between the fingers.

We will go over the important details to remember when designing, how to make mitts to match another garment, as well as the things to keep in mind while knitting.

£35 per person including a PDF for you to look back on. Spaces are limited so make sure you claim your place.

This class is expected to last: 1.5 hours

If you have any questions send me an email:

Group Sessions

If you have a knitting group and you're missing spending time with them, why not book a group session just for your friends?

Let me know what topic you'd like to do, when you'd like to do it and how many people will be attending and I will put everything together for you. You will even receive a discount for groups of 5 or more, at £30 per person.

Previous Class Topics

If there is something you'd love to learn and you think I can help, please feel free to let me know. I have added some past classes below for inspiration. 

Email: or message me on social media

Free Q&A for Beginner Knitters

I have put together a guide on how to get started and practice some knitting using my no-nonsense videos on YouTube. Practice away at home then join me for a FREE Q&A where you can ask as many questions as you like!

To be the first to know when the next free session is taking place, add your name to the Class Interest mailing list!

Click here for the free comprehensive guide and to start practising!




Knitting for Beginners

If you have never knitted before and would love to learn the basics then choose this option. I can teach you to knit and purl and if you'd like to learn more we can move onto rib, moss stitch, and more!



Fair Isle Knitting

If you know how to knit and purl but would like to take the next step then this class is for you!  We will be practicing knitting with two colours in a row, following a Fair Isle chart to create motifs and discussing different techniques and tips that make Fair Isle fun and easy!


How To Knit A Headband

This class will guide you through how to knit your own headband from start to finish, including templates for you follow and a blank one for you to add your own motifs.

This is great for absolute beginners and people who are looking for some knitting reminders. This class will be split into two shorter sessions plus support in between to help you at each step.

I can take up to 5 people for theses sessions.


Starred Fair Isle Crowns

Learn to knit a Fair Isle crown using a crown chart. You will have the chance to look at example crowns and charts, knit from these or design your own, and decrease to form a rounded crown commonly found on Shetland skull keps. We will also discuss how to incorporate colourwork in your crown.


Let's Swatch 

This is a fun class all about arranging the colours you have for Fair Isle and the techniques you can use to test them out before you start your project.

We are concentrating on using what you have at home and how to create colourwork that works, every time.


Creating the Effect With Fair Isle

A Discusion in detail how the combination of colour and motifs can be used to create the desired effect in your Fair Isle knitting. We will be looking at the difference a closed and open pattern can make, as well as how to place your colours to make your Fair Isle glow, stand out, fade, stripe or blend in places. Touching on the effects one colour can have on another and how we wash and block knitting to create different effects. I will also walk you through how I have created a few of my designs including my thought process and the reason for choosing each colour. This will be a sketchbook style class so we will not be knitting, but planning how we think about Fair Isle for our future projects.