Craft Fair 2017!


Every year the Shetland Arts and Crafts Association organise the Christmas Craft Fair. Held in November, the Craft Fair is a great chance for Shetlanders to do some Christmas shopping as well as take a look at all the different creative businesses in Shetland and see what people are making.

This was my first year, and I loved it! For the past few weeks I've been making stock and planning my stand as well as recruiting some family members to give me a hand over the weekend. On the Friday my Mam, Dad and Granny Val came in the afternoon to unpack and set up, my two sisters arrived after school, then Grant appeared after work to help when the craft fair opened. (How lucky am I!?)

The display incorporated my own furniture as well as pieces found on the attic  to give an "old and new" look. A yarn winder made by my great-great-grandfather was part of my space and grabbed a few people's attention as they are not often seen now. Two Fair Isle pinboards were hung on my display boards and the rest were dotted around the table and lower on the floor with cones of yarn (probably to make me feel at home?). My Sketchbook was propped on an easle for people to browse, and finally I had photographs as well as real cowls and headbands pinned to the display board as well as on the table so people can see the colourways up close and at a distance.

I had a rough plan for how I wanted it all to look but I had tried not to think about it too much so that new ideas could come while we were setting up. I am absolutely delighted with how it turned out! Thank you to everyone to helped out, all the family, friends and visitors who came to visit and especially the committee for being so encouraging and helpful

The opening times for the fair was: Friday- 7-9pm, Saturday 10-6, then Sunday 11-5. A record number of visitors meant we were busy and talking to people most of the time. Although I was nervous, I was looking forward to seeing what everyone thought of my designs and getting some real feedback.

The cowls were a hit over the weekend, with everyone choosing a different one as their favourite, but what I was especially excited to show people was the brand new Fair Isle pin boards! Over the past couple of weeks Grant and myself have been developing these so getting them out there was great. We finished 8 different coloured boards, all of the same size (600x300mm) and are currently taking orders. The feedback was brilliant, it was so much fun to have something new to speak about. I am really looking forward to making more of these boards before Christmas and then possibly trying something different with them into the new year.... stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone to helped out, all the family, friends and visitors who came to visit and especially the committee for being so encouraging and helpful. To see more about what ese happened at the craft fair, take a look at this article by the Shetland News team:

Now, with my two big events of the year done, I am preparing for all things Christmas!

Some of the more organised people have already sent in their Christmas orders which is great! Please get in touch with me with any enquiries or special orders, otherwise make sure you're keeping an eye on the Etsy shop, I now have all cards, cowls and headbands available to order.

I am especially excited for Christmas on Instagram, keep your eyes peeled on there for some festive themed posts.


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It has been especially cold in Shetland lately so it is impossible not to notice winter has set in. A dark sky with a bright moon shining onto the water has to be one of my favourite things about this time of year!

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