February Update


Up Helly Aa

If you follow the other goings on in Shetland you will have heard of our annual fire festivals known as Up Helly Aa. To read more about it I recommend reading through the shetland.org website, they explain it really well on there!

There are many Up Helly Aa's that take place in the Shetland winter months, however the largest one takes place in Lerwick, and this year I worked alongside the Jarl Squad (check out this article to see more about the 2019 squad) to create hats and headbands that match this years viking suit. These were worn by the family of the Jarl squad, and have been made for the members to keep as a memento.

Tom Jamieson, who was one of the musicians for this years jarl squad gathered these photos from the day.


What I Have Been Working On

Jumper making has resumed and I am so relived to get back to it! The first jumper of the year was a slightly altered version of the Sapphire single stripe jumper and was a huge hit on Instagram!

The Origional (on the right) has the hard lines where the background colour changes before the Fair Isle begins, where as the slight alteration to have a little less Fair Isle involved uses the border on either side, creating a softer look for that colour change. Same idea but I do feel these jumpers would appeal to different people. Who doesn't love options?!


This Seems Like A Big Milestone

It has been almost 2 years since I started my business and I have learned SO much. I feel like a completely different person, just from finding out things I didn't even know that I didn't know! 

Most of the things I have learned are small, and have added up to help me grow my business. But this is one I can take a picture of. In May I will start to use these new labels, proudly displaying the word SHETLAND.

Of course I am proud of being a young person from Shetland, a business owner here, and certainly a knitter! I just need to show it more. I'm more aware now than ever before that personality is a huge part of running a small business, and along with my name Shetland represents another layer of who I am, and what I am trying to represent with my products.

May will be the perfect time to start using the new labels. I hope one day to find something with my old label attached and know that it was made by me within my first two crucial years of business. How exciting!


Do you live in London or nearby?

Loop London are currently taking bookings for a colourwork class taught by Liz Baltesz and uses Da Hömin Hat pattern! Click the Loop London logo to fidn out more!


Shop Knitwear

"I have worn my purple cowl nearly everyday since September. I absolutely love it and it’s my favourite piece of clothing. I honestly think everyone should go and buy one of Terri Laura’s beautiful creations"

- Mary, Wolverhampton. Feb 2019.

Event: Swiss Yarn Festival

This week I have been preparing for the Swiss Yarn Festival, taking place from the 30th-31st of March! 

I can't wait to see some of you there and to meet the rest of the teachers! I can't believe the success of the workshops, I will be teaching 4 workshops, with 2 of those sold out! There are 5 spaces available on my workshops so book now if interested in taking a class that weekend!

Click the picture above to find out more about the rest of the teachers and the rest of the festival!

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