February Update

Hello everybody, I hope you are well.

This is the 8th of my monthly posts and you may have noticed that I have never actually clarified what my blog posts are about! It has taken me this long to figure it out, but the important thing is that I have ..haha

This blog is where you can get the inside scoop on what's going on in my business, the projects I'm working on, the events I'm attending and even some of the nitty-gritty in between. Anyone interested in knitting, yarn work or business can get a little more information from here. It also gives me a chance to regroup each month, look at the things I have managed to do, notice the things I haven't, and reflect to decide on my next steps.

Thank you to all subscribers and regular readers, I love hearing from you and your encouragement is astounding!



The January and February classes have been great fun! I've been covering Fair Isle knitting, beginners knitting and of course, February *Knit-Your-Mitts* is still taking place. These are all new classes for me so I have had small groups and every day has been a school day!

Fair Isle Knitting came first and I have been trying to take notes of the things that I often take for granted. With anything we do regularly, there are parts of the process we don't think about. We just do it. For me, this was things like being able to find my place on the chart, making sure your yarns don't twist and keeping track of your 3 needles.

Tracey and Rachel have been doing really well and their Triple Tone Circular Scarves are coming on nicely. We've been through:

  • knitting in the round
  • double corrugated rib
  • increasing and decreasing
  • colour dominance
  • reading charts
  • cable cast on
  • recognising and fixing mistakes
  • colourwork

They're doing so well for just two sessions!

Knit Your Mitts

My first online offering is continuing through the month of February, we have been meeting for video calls at least once a week and discuss where we are at in the pattern as well as other things such as our current projects, favourite yarns, techniques and colourwork. I have even learned to use the magic loop properly on my circular needle! We still have a week to go but I do think I will miss it when I have to move onto my worked planned for March! My lovely student Rosemary has kindly agreed to let me show her progress so far! She put together colours which work in a similar way to the pattern. It's lovely and vibrant and I just had to share!

Rosemary has very kindly offered to share the colours she has used to knit her mitts!

All from The Fibre Companys Cumbria fingering collection, she has used:

  • Derwentwater
  • Scafell Pike
  • St. Bees Beach
  • Cowberry
  • Coniston
  • Appleby Castle


She sent me this picture of her swatching while she was watching the Eagles parade after their big win in the Superbowl! She let me know how much she learned about the importance of swatching, while I told her how much I learned about the Eagles! (FLY EAGLES FLY)

View this project on Ravelry


Inverness Trip


Last week I spent a couple of days in Inverness to speak about a few of my products. This gave me a great chance to meet up with my *business partner in crime*, (her words and I love it!), Nicole who runs Thingymajig Textiles and go to Fort George for my meeting.

I had never been to Fort George before and it was so much bigger than I expected. There are so many parts to it and so much information to soak up! As it is not tourist season yet some of the visitor parts were closed but I have added some pictures of the place its self. The staff in the gift shop were lovely and were so interested to hear about what I do, and they're not even the ones I had the meeting with! It was extremely windy and rainy but I made the most of it. If you ever have the chance to go, then you definitely should. I'm already hoping to take a trip during tourist season to soak up even more information and have a proper look around.

I was so glad to have a chance to get to Inverness to catch up with my friend Nicole (you HAVE to check her website or Instagram if you haven't already, her weaving is gorgeous. I can't get enough!). Nicole is truly a part of my business in that if anything happens that causes ~panic mode~ I am messaging her for perspective and so that eventually we can laugh about it later...

Dinner with Nicole gave me a chance to hit the reset button and start thinking about projects with even more optimism having just discussed them with a creative person on the same wavelength. These conversations are truly so valuable, even though we are discussing things most days, being face to face speaking about the things that have been sitting in the back of our minds is great. Sometimes you just need a friend to help you get everything off your chest!

Have a look at Nicoles work! You wont regret it.


So, this happened this month! The February Issue of ii' Shetland came out and it includes a feature article about me and my business, as well as me on the cover! It is safe to say that I was surprised and hugely honored. I have to take this opportunity to thank Malcolm, Davie and Julie for putting this together. Click Here to be taken to the i'i Shetland Facebook page and I am going to stop writing before I give any more away!


Curled Cowls

sweet pea cowl on

These seem to be growing in popularity all the time, I am forever thinking about the cowl! In the past couple of weeks I have done one of the scariest things for a business owner... ask for help! I have a few people helping me get these together and make sure there is plenty in stock! More information coming on my helpers soon!

Shop Cowls on Etsy

Tinas Mitts

Pattern Coming Soon!

tinas mitts

Tinas Mitts are the pattern I am using in the online class I call February *Knit-Your-Mitts*. The pattern will be available on Ravelry in March. Click the link below to view all current designs on Ravelry

Shop Designs on Ravelry

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