Final Post of 2017!

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I can hardly believe this is my last blog post of 2017- What a year!

There has been a lot of first for me and it seems that next year will include so many more! I have to say a huge thank you for everyone who has supported me so far, its really amazing how much has happened and everyone wishing me well and saying they are enjoying following my progress makes the world of difference. I couldn't thank you all enough!

This is definitely the hardest blog post I've ever had to write. I'm trying to tell you what has happened in December but actually I can't tell you what I've been up to! Making Christmas orders means I'm sworn me to secrecy. Part of my January post will definitely include some more details on these though so stay tuned for that! There has been a few other things going on in the past few weeks so we will concentrate on those..

First of all, the Dutch Knitting Festival which takes place in May has announced that I will be attending this year and teaching some workshops! I am so excited for my first time working outside of Shetland. Donna Smith has also confirmed her attendance to which means we'll have the best time travelling and exploring Rijswijk in the Netherlands. Every time I speak with the organisers I get even more excited, I cant wait to meet everyone, only 5 months to wait..

There's more exciting news- I found out that I had been included in a Make It British article: "Top 40 British-Made Knitting Accessories". Someone vaguely motioned it to me but couldn't remember where they'd seen it or what it was, but then I was checking some details of my website and it came up on a Google search. I still can't believe I have been recognised in this way so soon after starting my business. It seems that they discovered my designs through my website and Instagram feed which is also very exciting for me as these do take up a lot of my time. Knowing that all of my hard work has helped get me noticed in this way is a huge relief and I am so pleased. I also have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supports my through Instagram. A few weeks ago the Make It British account asked their followers on Instagram for some of their favourite British designers and makers and a few of my followers suggested me! I was completely flattered and honoured to be thought of but as they were among so many other brilliant suggestions I didn't think anything of it. So again I must say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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I'm Inspired!


A very personal achievement for me is winning this GORGEOUS yoke on eBay, it's perfectly knitted and is completely different for everything else I own. I absolutely adore it, and I think I may even have caught the eBay bug! If you have any special wins from Ebay or similar then I'd be really interested to see them! Send me your pictures by replying, commenting or messaging. I cannot wait to see what you've managed to find!

In Preparation for Classes in 2018

I have a favour to ask..

I am starting to put together my classes for next year! To help with my planning I have put together a short survey to see what would suit attendees best. I would be delighted if anyone who may attend one of my classes, either in Shetland or out with could help me out by filling it in. I'm looking forward to updating everyone on some official dates and how to book as soon as possible so if you have 5 minutes to spare I'd really appreciate if you could click the picture above to take you to the survey!

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