January 2020


I love this picture so much! Taken on the 1st of January 2020, Grant playing with two of our nephews during the holidays. It's also the wallpaper on my phone ♥

Taking on the New Year!

This Christmas and New Year I took a full 2 weeks away from work and it was great. I've never done this before, every other year I've either been too excited to stop working on something or wasn't confident enough not to check in or "keep things ticking" as I would tell myself. The break was great. I had lazy days, visited family, watched films, baked and just did whatever I felt like. I rarely planned a day in advance. Bliss.


With the weather we've had here in Shetland, it took me a little while to get going this new year. It's been rainy and windy for the longest time, and at this time of year it really restricts the daylight. It's made me slow, sleepy, and I've not had as much energy as I'd hoped.... until NOW! At the time I'm writing this it is mid January, it is staying light outside until around 4, and we sorted out the office in the house which means I'm not working from the kitchen table anymore! I'm LOVING IT.


Luckily the business doesn't rely on just me anymore. With help from Barbara and Joyce we've started production again and orders are being made and shipped in great time. After such a busy year last year we're happy to be at a more manageable pace and aiming to get ahead before festivals and tourist season gets started. We've already had a couple of orders made and shipped this year as well as work on some new projects launching very soon... keep your eyes peeled.

Speaking Of Shetland Weather...

Did you know that there is a website called https://www.shetlandwebcams.com/ where you can see what is going on in Shetland live from your computer??

Go on, click the link. There is so much to see, from the town centre, to the airport, even the puffin cams which are amazing in the summer months. There is even live streams of some of the bigger events here in Shetland for example the last Tuesday in January is Shetlands largest Up Helly Aa festival. I recommend checking out the town centre camera on that day, as well as the special burning camera set up for for the event.

So go on to www.shetlandwebcams.com to see whats happening here!

Online Sessions

When I went over my emails from over the holidays I had a few emails asking more specialised questions from knitters. One about a project they had in mind but were unsure how to get started or make it their own, one about machine knitting (from a complete beginner) and they wanted to pick my brain, and another from someone who was new to Fair Isle and wanted to speak about the technique in more depth.

They were all wondering if there was a way to do this remotely, and the answer is YES!

If you'd like to have a one on one mentoring session I am offering these at the moment. These would be a 1.5 hour video call, priced at £45, where we can dig into any topic you want! I am happy to be flexible and offer times that work into your schedule as well as my own.

To be added to the waiting list please complete this form with as much information as you can give.



Swiss Yarn Festival

I am so excited to be travelling back to Switzerland next month for the second Swiss Yarn Festival!

Last year was so much fun, I agreed right away to apply for year 2. There are 5 spaces left on my Fair Isle Class, click the picture above to have a look!

Made This Month


These Mitts have been causing a stir on Instagram. Made for a customer to match the Sweet Pea Cowl they bought before Christmas. Did you know we can hand knit hats and mitts to match other products we have in stock? Sometimes I write the pattern up if it's asked for regularly enough!

Click the picture above to see my Instagram grid, that's where I am most! Send me a message or email to enquire about anything you see! (hello@terrilaura.co.uk)

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