July Updates

A Different Kind of July


July in Shetland is usually busy with visitors and lively with children on their school holidays, but things are a little quieter than normal and I've been trying to embrace that a bit.

I've been taking advantage of the chance to spend more time with family and to catch up on some behind the scenes work. If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I am taking things a little slower, it is a nice change!


Clipping Time!


July is also the time of year that the sheep are sheared and wool is everywhere!


The white fleece is most common in Shetland as there is higher demand for the end product, but some crofters also keep a variety of different natural colours. I took some pictures of the beautiful shades I saw in the shed when the clipping was taking place.


After a request from a spinner, knitter and dyer in England, we have arranged to send a couple of Shetland fleece from the family croft directly to her to try out some spinning and dying with.

These are usually sold within Shetland to produce Jamiesons of Shetland or Jamieson and Smith yarn, but if there are any spinners out there who are looking for some raw wool feel free to get in touch. We can put some aside for you before the bulk is sold to local companies.


I have to warn you, I do not have the knowledge of a spinner (yet!) but I am happy to send you pictures and as much information as I can about the wool.

Send me an email: hello@terrilaura.co.uk for more information.

Online Classes

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken online sessions with me this year so far. I love teaching them and spending time with you and I look forward to getting back into it.

I am taking some time for family right now and will let you know as soon as the next dates are set. You can sign up to be notified by email about these here:


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Knitter Shout Out!

Today's knitter is Cecile from Seattle. Cecile has been taking online classes with me, she took the content and ran with it to produce this lovely hat!

I love what she has done here with the colours and thinking about the different perspectives within the finished article. Just Lovely!


email me: hello@terrilaura.co.uk to submit a picture for a shout out!



The best emails to receive...


I LOVE when customers send me pictures of their products in use, it's such a great feeling to know that you like it!

I had to share this picture that Victoria from Edinburgh sent me this month, it makes me smile every time I look at it.

A Real Favourite!

Since launching the latest products to help promote the Amazing Benefits of Wool project I have been working on, there has been a clear favourite so far...

The Tea Towel!

I really love this too, it is so cheerful and bright.

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