June Update and 7 Tips from the Creative Crew

This month I’m doing something a little different.. I'm still going to give you the updates with what’s been happening with me, what I’m working on and everything else, but I also have been looking to find ways that I can add a little more value to these from this month! You’ll find the first of these at the bottom of this blog post, its 7 Top Tips from other experienced knitters in my Facebook group, Terri Laura’s Creative Crew (which anyone can join by the way, search on facebook and request to join!) They have some great ways of working and I am learning a lot, so i have gathered a few snippets of their advice for you all!


This month saw the launch of the knitting kits.


I have put together the yarn and patterns for Da Hőmin hat and cowl, and these are available from my Etsy shop. They have been very popular since the launch with only a couple of each left for now, but I do have more materials on the way and plan to keep a stock in future. I am working on kits for the rest of the patterns available on Ravelry including Tina’s Mitts and the Billister Lights Curled Cowl, they will be available in the coming months.

The #terrilaura1year competition came to a close and we found a winner!

Rosemary won in a very close vote and she was so excited to be receiving her chosen Curled Cowl for her prize (she chose Sweet Pea, if you were wondering). She did however share the rest of her prizes with Hannah who came a very close second!

I wanted to thank everyone involved in the competition to celebrate the first year of my business, it was so much fun to have everyone involved and a special thank you to Rosemary for her generosity towards Hannah.


I was absolutely delighted to see the end result from a commission project I did for a client. Wendy posted this picture of the finished Burra Bear to her social media pages. I provided the fabric for the bear, customising it to meet the new owners wishes. This included: Sparkly thread, colour preferences and a “50” incorporated into the motifs to celebrate a birthday. The new owner has since been in touch to let me know that they love their customised brear and I am so glad.


I really enjoy creating custom pieces for clients, as many of my colourways began as colours I thought would suit friends and family. If you have something in mind that you would like made into a reality with a custom piece of fair isle, please do let me know!

⇐ Thank you Wendy for this collage!

My last update for this month is to let you know that I, along with my grandmother Wilma Malcolmson, are running a class on Saturday the 23rd. I now this is very short notice for those of you receiving the post by email on the 21st, however if you would like to join us please let me know and I will hope to get you squeezed into our class. Flyer below:


Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for:

7 Top Tips From Members of the Creative Crew!




“I find the thumb [cast on] method is very quick, especially for swatches where the edge doesn't matter too much. (although I tend to use it most of the time)” - Alison


“I like to tie knots to correspond with the size needle I am using in the tail of my swatch.… if I am making a swatch with a size 5 needle I will not weave in the end and make 5 knots in it so I will remember what size needle I used” - Rosemary


“When you weave in ends, and the tail is too short: first place the sewing needle in your work before you thread the eye of the needle.” - Puk


“Jamiesons of Shetland had them [knitting belt] when I got mine 14 or so years ago. It works great just remember to break it in a bit when you get it home it likes to contour to the body a bit. Hazel’s video was a huge help getting started with belt. My knitting is firmer and easier to see my pattern repeat. Practice will help your progress” - Leslie


“I use ‘nail clippers’(unused😂) for snipping the ends of colours!” - Ann


“I always use a crochet hook, or the latch tool from my knitting machine for picking up stitches for the button bands etc, or hooking in ends.” - Alison


“For stitch markers, I use tiny, rainbow- coloured elastic bands called loom bands. Kids use them for making bracelets. Cheap at 100 for £1. Easily slide over knitting wires especially good for lace knitting as smooth and don't snag delicate yarn” - Ann



Thank you so much ladies for sharing your tips! If you haven't joined the Creative Crew yet, click HERE and click request to join!


Can I ask a Favour?

Could you leave me a review? Click the picture above to go to my Facebook page, where I would be delighted if you could leave me a review. Whether you've bought knitwear or kits, attended a class or are part of my online community, I would love to hear from you.


These are also helpful for anyone thinking of getting in touch with me so any star ratings or quick notes would be appreciated!


If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I am just back from a lovely weekend in London with my two sisters. As part of our trip we were in the beautiful Kew Gardens for a picnic and I couldn't get over how beautiful these botanic gardens were. So much to see!

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