MORE Amazing Benefits of Wool and New Products!


Since We Last Spoke...

It seems like a lot has happened since my last post, firstly we revealed the rest of The Amazing Benefits of Wool illustrations from the wonderful Julie Dennison as well as the A4 print of the whole project which is available from the webshop

I also had a lovely 25th birthday at home, I've taken a break from online classes to work on some other projects (don't worry, the classes are back this week!), Shetland had a rural protest to support the Black Lives Matter movement. What a month!

This blog post includes all of these! PLUS an announcement...

Join Us In Spreading The Word About Wool!

Home Products Added To The Shop

Did you know that people need to hear about something 7 times before they consider letting it sink in? That's why advertisers have the same messages repeated everywhere... until we know it off by heart ourselves.


As a community we can help this process along, speaking about the benefits of wool regularly will help more people consider it as a useful resource and a great option when they are buying products.


To help spread this message further than our social media feeds I have been curating some products that I thought my followers would LOVE! Starting off with the home collection, perfect for treating yourself and gifting to friends.

Online Classes This Week!

After taking 2 weeks off to complete other outstanding projects the classes are back! Go to for all the information, or if you know what you'd like to book here is the information at a glance:


Design A Crown - Monday 22nd June - 7pm BST - £35


Let's Swatch - Wednesday 24th June - 7pm BST - £35 (If you're new here, I suggest taking this one!)


All About Mitts - Friday 26th June - 7pm BST - £35


Any questions please email me:


Knitter Shout Out!

Today's knitter is an honorary Shetlander who came to take knitting lessons and I love seeing what she makes now that she has mastered Knitting, Fair Isle, and so much more!

Virginie recently posted these Banksfloor Mitts on Instagram and I just had to include them in this months blog post, I love the colours she has gone for, they're almost opposite to the greens I designed them in and it looks great.


email me: to submit a picture for a shout out!


Shetland Staands

Shetland held a rural protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so many people took part and while lockdown rules were maintained, the community really came together. Click the picture so see their Facebook page and all the pictures of the event.

What I've Been Up To


Between curating products for the wool campaign, rounding up classes and getting final orders out, I've also been altering the Sapphire colourway for a customer. I quite like the touch of purple!

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