10 thoughts on “Knit One, Change One. My Trip To India

  1. Wish I had realised you were going to Tamil Nadu Terri when I saw you at SWW! Been there many times but near Coimbatore. Bring back lots of fabric. It’s wonderful what you are doing. I bought the yarn for your Grannies Seaweed after talking to you. Xxx

  2. Fabulous that you could travel so far and impart your special knowledge from Shetland. Lovely to read.

  3. I was really affected in a good way the first time I went to India. I couldn’t believe how happy and kind they all were. And so skilled. The crafts are out of this world.
    I didn’t meet any knitters though. I wish I had!

  4. I’m so pleased you had this rich experience. India has a habit of leaving lasting impressions. My trip in 1996-7 is still so clear in my head. Well done Terri – it’s been great hearing all about it.

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