March Update – SYF, Online Sessions and a Knitter Shout Out


Before we get into the rest of this post I wanted to acknowledge that our world and has changed significantly in the past month and I wanted to send warm wishes across the whole community. All we can do is try to stay safe and look after each other.

I wanted to say thank you as well, thank you for subscribing and reading, you're supporting my small business and I appreciate it massively.

Now, lets get into the cheerful stuff! Here's what I've been up to since my last update...


Swiss Yarn Festival

Despite the outbreak starting in Switzerland in the days before the Swiss Yarn Festival we managed to make the best of the situation. All credit must go to Asita and Meret, the organisers of the festival. They were able to speak to the government and keep all visitors informed.

Once the festival was underway everyone was as enthusiastic as ever, I taught four classes, two for beginner Fair Isle knitters and two slightly different colourwork classes. All of the groups were so much fun to teach and made so much progress. I've included a few pictures of my lovely groups.


Fruity Knitting Coverage

Andrea and Andrew were there and have released the Fruity Knitting Podcast episode with the coverage. I really enjoyed watching it myself. My favourite parts were the interview with Nathalie from By Night Creations, shes so pationate and the BNC team made me laugh so much over the weekend, and of course the interviews with the organisers, my friends, Asita and Meret. They did such a great job and I am so glad they are being recognised for all of their hard work! Click the names in this paragraph to go to their individual websites, and of course watch the episode on Youtube HERE.

Spending Time In Basel

On my way to the Swiss Yarn Festival I spent a few days in beautiful Basel visiting friends and exploring. It was nice to visit and explore as well as spend some time with Martha and Lukas.

Here are a few pictures from around the city and we spent an afternoon at the Zoo!


Let's Continue To Knit Together

With so many knitters cancelling their trip to Shetland this year and since we will all be spending more time at home I am hoping to plan some online sessions and resources, I'd love to have a mixture of social and learning sessions.

It would be great to cover things like how to fix some common mistakes, beginner fair isle, a knit a long for a group who'd like to try something new (for example first time mitt knitters?) and of course plenty of colourwork to keep things cheerful!

Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to cover, or if you have any ideas please let me know!

Send me an email to (or reply if this came to your inbox), or get in touch on social media - I'd love to hear from you!


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Knitter Shout-Out!

As I said last month, I am hoping to shout out some knitters who have been knitting my designs. I love when you knit my patterns and I especially love when you put your own spin on it.


Here are the first few submissions:

Left - Triple Tone Circular Scarf, 3 colour versions by Teresa. I LOVE the colours she has chosen here, they all work and they are all great!

Right - The Beach Kep by Ingeborg. She took this picture during a small summer gale in Risør a the south coast of Norway. She was the first person to tag me in a finished beach kep after I released the pattern. A very quick knitter!


Thank you both for sending these in, I have seen a couple of people planning to send in pictures for next month so please do!

email: or message me on social media

Triple Tone Circular Scarf10multiple


Photo Challenge

I am continuing with the #marchmeetthemaker photo challenge over on instagram and facebook, so click the picture above to check on my progress on my Instagram Profile!

A Virtual Yarn Festival

My friend Meret and organiser extraordinaire came up with the concept of a virtual yarn festival while we're all currently unable to attend some of the ones that were organised for this spring. She has called it @coronayarnfestival and you can follow along on Instagram! Also make sure you give her a follow at @Butzeria

Also if you click the picture above you'll be taken to the Instagram page she has set up!

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