Online Classes


February is my online class month, I am now taking clients who are looking for one-on-one sessions, online, to discuss their personal project and questions.

Whether you are:

  • starting a new project and want some advice


  • struggle to choose colours when you walk into your local yarn shop

maybe you're:

  • trying out a Knitting belt for the first time


  • want to learn about Fair Isle knitting and Shetland traditions?

Get in touch to express an interest. Fill in the form below and I will get back to you.


I want to make sure the session will be valuable for you, so I will go through your answers, then email you to let you know that I can help and that this is the right type of session for us to work together.

For £53 you will have 100% of my attention and support to help move your project forward and have your questions answered.


The session will be 1 full hour long, and this is your time to pack in as much as you want. I am happy to cover as many topics as you need to.



Everyone with a session in the month of February will also be offered a BONUS 20 minute follow up call to give you a chance to go and try out some of the things we spoke about and ask your follow up questions.

Sound good? Fill in the form below to express an interest!