My 7 core colourways...

I hope you enjoy browsing through my current core colourways! With each of these I have included some notes about the stories behind them. For more on these and other pieces I am putting together, keep an eye on my facebook and instagram pages!

beach glow gloves

Sea Pinks

While designing this colourway I started with colours I liked, then moved onto adding tones which could relate to the Sea Pinks concept I finished off with. These have been great to wear myself and make for customers.











This colourway was put together a few years ago when I decided I wanted to make a hat for my Dad. Since then I have been asked for a few different garments using these colours including the gloves you see here.

The name was given after a few years of making this as I decided it had to be one of my 7 core colourways. The colours resemble the cool but glistening tones of the Shetland sea as well as the dark rock and cliffs around the shores.


I'm sure you can tell that these glove boards have been in use for decades and I just love to use them still!





Grants Reds

This piece was made completely with a person in mind. Grant is my wonderful boyfriend who has been vital to my small business and definitely deserved a design for all his hard work and support.

He asked for a red jumper with dark naturals....but not too red.... and not too dark.. so I took it from there! I wanted this one to be just right so I was back and forth with the colour placement for quite a while but I was happy with the end result.

Pictured is Grant after receiving his Jumper on the night after it won a prize in the knitwear section of the local show.









Billister Lights

Taken from a picture of the Northern Lights by local photographer Ivan Hawick, I wanted to challenge myself to a more complex "translation" piece. As there are so many colours involved it was quite a challenge, however there has been a great amount of good feedback about this, especially from Shetlanders and people who have seen the mixed colours we can get in the Northern Lights here.


To view the inspiration for this swatch...



Sweet Pea

My first original colourway, and I can still remember the excitement of trying out some colourwork of my own. I was determined to get the bright pink and bright green in the same colourway and was so proud of myself when I didnt have to choose one.

Plenty of happy memories surround the Sweet Pea collection.






Designed for my uncle who was looking for a subtle blue and white Jumper. I really enjoy blending blues but rarely use a white accent colour so this was a fun one to try! I made many swatches before I was happy that I had tried out all of my ideas, then went back to this one which was typically one of the firsts ones I'd done! Personally, I could look at this for days. There is so much more to it than any photo has captured so far.








My favourite colour is always changing, but it often comes back to some sort of green and this is my most recent colourway. I have been wanting to do an almost completely green one for a while now so I was very excited when a friend wanted to order something with green as the main colour. It did take a while for me to find the exact tones I needed but when it was done, I knew I was happy with it.


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