Shetland Wool Week 2019, My Highlights!

As I Write This...

I am sitting on my couch, its the day before I leave for India, and I'm so tired, so nervous, but SO excited. I can't believe Shetland Wool Week 2019 has been and this is the last thing I need to do before wrapping up all things Wool Week and starting on my adventures.

You will be reading this later in the month, my regular blog posts come out on the 21st so it's been a couple of weeks. By now I plan to be well underway with teaching in India, and have some updates up on the Knit One, Change One. My Trip To India post. Make sure you check it out for all the updates and pictures from my trip. If for whatever reason I've not managed to add anything to there, don't worry. I will be writing and saving it all until I can upload!


Shetland Wool Week 2019: Classes

This year I was teaching 4 of my own classes, one which has been a favourite from previous years and 3 completely new ones:


  • Creating the Effect with Fair Isle (a favourite)
    • We discussed the different ways to use colour and shapes to create your desired effect. This one is always a hit and so much fun for me as there are so many directions students can take from what I discuss and everyone pulls something completely different from the session.


  • Designing a Traditional Fair Isle Motif
    • After outlining what could be classed as traditional we played around with some criteria and designing something keeping the criteria in mind. This one was quite mathematical, but a few students have said they've not looked at a motif the same way again!


  • Designing a Glove
    • This is the one I was looking forward to most, and the class did not disappoint! We dissected the glove and covered everything you'd need to consider when designing each part including structuring the fingers.


  • Designing From Inspiration
    • I taught this one earlier in the week and I'm so glad I did as it was the most difficult for both the students and myself. I had everyone bring in something to be inspired by and we started translating it into Fair Isle. With this you need to consider foreground and background shapes, shading, accent colours, proportions and SO MUCH MORE. It was great to see people get the concepts nearer the end and have something that matched their inspiration.

Shetland Wool Week 2019: Exhibitions and Events

As I had my Swiss friends (Meret, Asita and Lukas) in Shetland this year I made sure we went to a few of the other events that were on. As always the opening ceremony was a blast!

We heard from patrons past and present, HRH Prince Charles had recorded a special message congratulating everyone involved in Shetland Wool Week for making it such a success, and we heard from the winners of the various competitions that were going on during the lead up to the event before the all important photo with the Roadside Beanie, this years hat by Oliver Henry.


After helping out in the Hub (the most wonderful place for knitters to meet, relax on comfy seats with great light and have access to all the travel and event information they need), we were unexpectedly at this years patron talk by Oliver Henry. It was great, he spoke about his career in the Shetland Wool Industry as well as his life here in Shetland. It was really interesting to hear about the opportunities which have come up and the directions it has taken. A really great evening.


We managed to squeeze in a lot during our "spare time". I've put that in quotes as there was no time to spare once I'd scheduled out our days so that we didn't waste any time making decisions throughout the week! Meret and I even made it to Lerwick Brewery where we were lucky enough to be the only people on the tour with Jon!

I made sure to take my visitors out of the town to see that Shetland Wool Week is happening all over the Isles. We made the trip to Yell to visit Sandra Johnson who had organised a craft fair and the Old Haa who were holding an exhibition. After getting the ferry back out of yell we went to the Ollaberry Hap exhibition and a quite drive to the Eshaness lighthouse. The wet and windy weather meant it was not easy to take pictures but they certainly witnessed the drama of the sea.

After our grand adventure we picked up Grant and went to Busta House Hotel for our dinner. Great food, with great company.

Towards the end of the week I managed to bring Meret to the Shetland Textile Museum at the Bod of Gremista and to St Ninnians Isle on the way to the airport. The perfect view to finish a visit to Shetland.


Shetland Wool Week 2019: The Makers Market

The Makers Market is always a highlight of mine. It's usually the last time I see the visitors and students who I have spent the week with before it's time for everyone to head home and get back to normal life.

I didn't manage to take any pictures once the market had opened as I was too busy speaking to everyone! But I did get a picture of Grant behind our table minutes before we opened.


See What I'm Up To in India!

I've created a blog post where I will be updating everyone on how my trip to India to teach Fair Isle is going. Click above to go there and learn more!

Next Up: The Christmas Craft Fair

Come see me at the Shetland Arts and Crafts Association's Christmas Craft Fair from the 8th-10th of November. Click here to go to the association website.

Picture from Shetland Arts and Crafts

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