Shetland Fleece

Looking ahead to clipping time 2021 we are planning to have fleece on offer again. If you're interested we would love to hear from you!  If you have a wish list, or any preferences please let us know and we will select fleeces as the sheep are clipped.


We sell raw, skirted, picked over fleece from our flock of Shetland Sheep which are reared on our croft in Shetland.  Our flock are mainly white, but we will also have some coloured wool available from our Moorit (brown) ewes.

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Our “First Clip” wool will be available from early June.  This is wool off of our year-old gimmers which haven’t had a lamb yet, and are being shorn for the first time. £30 per fleece, plus postage.


Wool from our breeding ewes will be available from early July. £25 per fleece, plus postage.

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The sheep on the croft are clipped by my brother-in-law Gary, watch the video below for the interview we did where he answers some of the commonly asked questions about taking care of sheep on our Shetland croft.


Gary's wife, Lizzie, is taking care of the fleece sales, she will respond to form submissions when the fleece is available

You can contact her directly by emailing: