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The Amazing Benefits of Wool

Read about all the amazing things wool can do - a project in collaboration with local illustrator Julie Dennison

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My Wool Story


Wool has always been in my life in a big way. Clipping sheep on my family's croft was a team effort every year. We had to round the sheep up, get them organised, some of the stronger member of the team would get them in position and clip the wool, while the rest of us kept the areas tidy, packed the wool into bags ready to go off to the brokers, and would go and fill the kitchen table at lunch time for everyone coming in for something to eat.

At my Granny Wilma's house we'd go out to the Shetland Designer workshop and look among all the cones of yarn, claiming a few as our favourites, watching people come along, dropping off knitting they'd done for my grandmother or visitors looking through to find their favourite designs.

At school we had knitting lessons once a week as part of the curriculum. To start off with the yarn we used was cheap but colourful. I didn't like how it squeaked on my needles though and I was relieved when I could get onto using what I loved to play with at grannys - Shetland Wool!

After a few years of training and working in other jobs, I started my knit design business just before I turned 22, and quickly confirmed that I specialise in 100% Wool. Shetland wool as often as possible, and living here in Shetland gives me pretty good chances!

Making clothes as well as shopping for clothes has made me realise that most of what is on offer doesn't last long, but what has been made locally is still being worn years later.

Even when I started buying my own furnishings for my house I noticed that wool is an extremely underrated option. People just don't know what it can do!

That's when I knew I needed to do the Amazing Benefits of Wool project, I need to spread the word about what wool can really do! As a visual person myself I wanted it to be appealing to the eye, so I asked my friend, and fellow Shetlander, Julie Dennison to work with me.

I have always admired her upbeat and often humorous illustrations and wanted to see more of them myself. She agreed to join me in this project, and I know I couldn't have done it without her!